Thursday, 17 December 2009


although title sounds like a really controversial complex subject and if you're thinking its going to be a heavy post. it's not going to be at all.

I didn't specifically want to put Christianity, but thats what this post is mainly about. Firstly, I'd like to admit, I am not a Christian, nor do I follow any religion. I've noticed that there are lots of Chinese christians though, there's even a chinese christian fellowship in my university town, which really surprised me, well not really surprised, i found out about them last year when they shoved a xmas gathering invite in my hand because they saw that i was chinese. To be honest, the name made me laugh, it evoked memories of lord of the rings. I guess my point here is- I didn't realise Church was such a big thing for chinese students because all the friend i have, i never really go into the subject of religion, it just never came up and nor would i like to bring it up because it's not my preference.

I grew up without having any sort of religion forced upon me, this is talking in terms of my parents. Of course i had outside influence, i went to a church of england school that did have rare trips to the church [e.g lent] and the occasional barmy religious aunt. My parents, however, did not force any religion on me, and I'm glad they didn't. my dad was far too cynical and my mother, far too busy. We never had time to think and life just passed by peacefully. A lot of people found help in God, but we've never found the need for god, because my parents work so hard.