Sunday, 30 August 2009

when did saturdays die?

seriously, saturday's business has dropped EPICLY this summer in my restaurant. No one wants chinese food anymore =/

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

mr Killer Smile

There are days when you're feeling not that great at work and something comes in and makes your day. Cue mr killer smile. So here i was waiting for customers and this guy walks in, not that great looking and he asks if we have any jobs going, so i ask for his cv, he hasn't got one, and then i remembered my dad takes phone numbers anyways for potential workers, so

'You know what, stick your name and number down and we'll call you' I said
and he SMILES. Ohmygod. It WAS LIKE THE SUNSHINEEE. That instantly made him cuter.

Forget eyes, a great smile is what one needs on a dreary day. Perhaps this could be the weapon we need for our sushi bar, a waiter with an AMAZING smile.

Mr Killer smile definately made my day. =)

Sunday, 9 August 2009

Prank calls

Has anyone watched that channel 4 programme called FONEJACKER. it's the most hilarious thing i've seen, and theres always a prank call to a restaurant, which always remind me of some of the prank calls i've had at my restaurant. Clearly juvenile and always guys, what is it with guys that think prank calling a chinese restaurant for an 'onion bhaji' in an indian voice?

Clearly, if you're indian, you can make your own onion bhaji, and just because we're a chinese restaurant doesn't mean we have a CHINESY accent. It's especially fun when they do that and you say 'alright luv!' in a really british way and there's silence down the line. ANDD they're always laughing at the beginning, so you know its a prank call. =_= I mean, at least keep a straight face, I may be of foreign blood but I ain't stupid.