Sunday, 9 August 2009

Prank calls

Has anyone watched that channel 4 programme called FONEJACKER. it's the most hilarious thing i've seen, and theres always a prank call to a restaurant, which always remind me of some of the prank calls i've had at my restaurant. Clearly juvenile and always guys, what is it with guys that think prank calling a chinese restaurant for an 'onion bhaji' in an indian voice?

Clearly, if you're indian, you can make your own onion bhaji, and just because we're a chinese restaurant doesn't mean we have a CHINESY accent. It's especially fun when they do that and you say 'alright luv!' in a really british way and there's silence down the line. ANDD they're always laughing at the beginning, so you know its a prank call. =_= I mean, at least keep a straight face, I may be of foreign blood but I ain't stupid.

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