Friday, 17 July 2009

Thanks for saying it aloud

Don't you jsut hate it when you get those naiive friends/ relatives that don't know the meaning of too much information? Or the ones that never shut up. You love them and you hate them at the same time.

I have a friend like that. I've known her for years but she moved away to New Zealand a few years back and now she's back to visit me. =) So we're in a restaurant ( My parent's) and she'll shout over the table to wave at other customers or strike up a conversation. She's a lovable personality but then she turns around and says i talk to her too loud. Then i take off my cardigan because it's a little warm and she loudly says
other table 'I heard that'
I wanted to die, I spent the whole night is a fucking facepalm.

There's things you don't say out aloud L.
I love you but you're so fucking naiive with conversation.

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