Friday, 27 November 2009

Defining the term 'Oriental'

Oriental is the term used in Britain do define anyone of east asian descent- be it chinese, korean, japanese, taiwanese etc.

There are huge differences in the usage of terms across geographical places, such as America and Britain, and call me a traitor but I prefer the Asian American train of thought so much more than that of the British. Asian Americans view the term as offensive and derogatory and I don't blame them, because it just rings heavily of colonialism. In this modern world, it is not at all correct to cling onto that part of history. Furthermore, as a history student, the term brings back memories of learning about the study of Orientalism, a term that defines and points out the flaws of historiographical evidence and research of Asia. The definition being that research about asia and the whatever asian countries they visited was purely a reflection on the colonialism and civilisation of their own civilisation-that of europe, the states and all things in between. I'm pretty sure that's not a good thing to be calling someone oriental.

I don't understand why British people are not making this term to be racist. the oxford dictionary states that it is 'a person from China, Japan or other countries in E Asia' and is 'OFTEN offensive' last updated 2005. 'often'? shouldn't it be always?

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

running, flying, independence

I run, when I feel pressured
I run, when i get bored
I run, when I can't take it anymore
I run, from my family
I run, from my friends
I run, in the metaphorical sense of course.

I don't intentionally run, of course. I ran from home to uni, whereas most of my british chinese friends kipped at home, and their uni was in london. I was so adamant in running, i made sure i didn't choose any london unis in my ucas choice list. That was the beginning of my habit of running away. I felt pressured if i was near parents and family friends, and i couldn't do that to myself anymore. I run from life's problems. I run from friends, which i don't intentionally do so, but I forget to call/ring because I don't find the time. i have the time, but i don't find it. =/ I also run when i get bored, i can't stay in one place for a long period of time, i much prefer to be independent and see the world for myself.

Im a bird. trying to fly. or so i think. and im not ready to give up running yet. Im enjoying it far too much.