Tuesday, 3 November 2009

running, flying, independence

I run, when I feel pressured
I run, when i get bored
I run, when I can't take it anymore
I run, from my family
I run, from my friends
I run, in the metaphorical sense of course.

I don't intentionally run, of course. I ran from home to uni, whereas most of my british chinese friends kipped at home, and their uni was in london. I was so adamant in running, i made sure i didn't choose any london unis in my ucas choice list. That was the beginning of my habit of running away. I felt pressured if i was near parents and family friends, and i couldn't do that to myself anymore. I run from life's problems. I run from friends, which i don't intentionally do so, but I forget to call/ring because I don't find the time. i have the time, but i don't find it. =/ I also run when i get bored, i can't stay in one place for a long period of time, i much prefer to be independent and see the world for myself.

Im a bird. trying to fly. or so i think. and im not ready to give up running yet. Im enjoying it far too much.


Janine said...

Hey, where were you from before London?

Yin said...

hey janine. i was brought up in london, well on the suburbs all my life. =D so you can see why i wanted to get away for a while