Friday, 5 February 2010

who actually reads my makeup blog

I am holding a giveaway on my blog, and i've accumulated ALOT of attention for it, but i can't help but feel apprehensive about it, because i know all these people [only few are actually beauty bloggers] are in it for the freebies, and not actually reading my posts.

I may not be the best blogger, but i do put alot of effort writing my posts on blogger, i put my heart and soul and edit it as well as i can and it kinda hurts to know that not many people read my blog. they join one time and thats it. I just feel taken advantage of.


Aero said...

You'd be surprised how often I get excited about blogs I see only once :)

Don't feel bad because you have a good heart and that's good karma, no matter who the prize(s) go to. To be honest, I didn't enter the contest because there are SO many people vying for the win!

Blogs are a funny thing...I have a personal blog myself that lays kind of abandoned for a while now because school is the boss of me :/
When I did write, I got so much traffic! I surprised myself :)

So I think, your giveaway is for the purpose of publicity (which is working wonderfully). Sometimes you will get people who come because they are treating it as a lottery and sometimes you get people who are genuinely beauty-blog-crazy. Don't take it personally; the only things you should take personally are those things not related to the internet :)

I'm not a beauty blogger btw. Showing one's idea of beauty takes too much (public) courage!

Anonymous said...

btw, my REAL blog is not the one on my profile (which is kind of a support system for my broke ass student self).

You could be like my fashionable blog friend! see me at

Yin said...

Dear Aero,

Thank you for the lovely and encouraging comment. I know i can't ask for any more than publicity in this day and age. But it just feels like a kick in the teeth sometimes that they enter a gieveaway and you never see them again. I mean. 77 comments and around 20 of them are proper blogs, all the others seem like only blogs dedicated to only winning blog giveaways. Thats the only substance in their blogs.

I guess i'm a little selfish. Blogs are for your own creative pleasure and it should never be more than that.

Thanks again.

p.s: must check your blog out!

Aero said...

...if you check my blog out, you will have to promise not to smirk. I seriously haven't updated in months. MONTHS! That's true shame for any blogger but I promise if you go back a few blog posts, you'll find some good posts :)

Eliza said...

awww sweetheart, dont get so down about it. I've read a few posts from your blog and I quite liked it!
giveaways do encourage me to look at blogs but if i dont like the blog i often dont even follow it or enter the giveaway. but that might be just me

Eliza xx

☆Anastacia☆ said...

I am totally understand you!
By the way! This is the reason why I don't want to host any giveaways on my blog too :S

Jaz said...

dont worrrrryy i love u yin
tc n just write for urself...ignore others and just think about all those dedicated followers ?