Sunday, 11 April 2010

Lets get back on track..

....and follow the main aim of this blog, to share my thoughts and rants about what being a waitress is, although this is slightly marred by the fact that I work as a waitress for my parents, which leads me onto today's topic- Working for one's family.

Working with family is the most stressful thing you can ever endure. Okay, not the most stressful, I guess to be pc about it, it's quite stressful (seeing as I have no knowledge at all about office politics!) You scream and shout at them to do their thing and vice versa, and when you get home, you do talk about work, as you do with your colleagues. And suddenly, your whole family life revolves around work. You also can't be bitchy about them working because there's a mutual understanding, so some things are left unsaid.

I want to write more, But I can't think of anything else. Good points to this: You do have an understanding of each other. But there is ZERO work privacy, which is why I can't live with my family, not out of spite (I do love them, despite their unreasonable demands and whinings and love they give, contradictive, I know.), but seriously, I need my freakin' privacy.

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