Saturday, 4 September 2010

Financial security/Love

My dad makes my blood BOIL.

Dad: Stop being so moody, you'll never get a boyfriend
Me: Don't need one
Dad: how about getting a house, it'll take one person ages to get a house
Me: Well, I'm not waiting around for a man so that i can get a house, I'm going try earn what I can, I don't necessarily need a guy. (if we're talking financially)

Urgh. What is it with men and this whole idea that women NEED them for financial security. It'd be nice to have some but seriously 21st fucking century people. I can pave my own way in life and I intend to.

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Shingo T said...

I guess most parents are like that - concerned though a little insensitive when they start getting naggy.

Be nice to your dad. Meanwhile, just do what you deem fit. ^_^

My 2 cents.