Thursday, 18 June 2009

DRIVING. gaaah

I booked another driving lesson with another instructor tomorrow. I think I'm more scared than when i first started. I am SO FRICKIN' scared of driving. When i think about it, my heart beats really quickly and i hyperventilate. I am a bad driver, and i have proof of that, in the form of my last epicly failed driving test. I know I'm a bad driver and i keep thinking other people are going to laugh at me, I'm going to be the butt of people's jokes again. I always am.

I cant drive, I hat to drive and i'm still so freaking scared.


Jamilla Camel said...


I was 38 when I moved to the U.K. I had never driven around a roundabout, nor on the left side of the road! I took driving lessons just like every other 17 year old, and I took the theory test with 17 year olds too (I think I was older than the examiner!). I did get 97%, so I didn't feel to bad. Took me two tries to pass my test.

You can do it!!

smiley13tree said...

I hate driving too. I only do it so I can go shopping. Hehe.